Friday, November 4, 2016

Baby Number 2

This came as a bit of surprise to me, despite the fact that we were actually trying for you.  We had decided that since your sister is older, since it took us so long to try with her, now would be the time to start trying.  I guess you really wanted to come into our lives, because you wasted no time.  I had taken a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it was negative, so I just thought my cycle was back to being weird again.  Come to find out that at the time I was pregnant, but just not quite pregnant enough.
I figured since I had not started my cycle, that I would do the things that worked before to jump start it.  I was on day 4 of it, but decided before I went any further that I should take a pregnancy test.  I picked one up at the dollar store during lunch today and took it in the office bathroom.  It was very positive, but I was not so sure.  I mean, it was a pregnancy test from the dollar store.  So I took a quick break and pick up a digital one from Target.  Yup, I'm pregnant.  Good news is that I'm not freaking out like I did with your sister!
I still haven't told your dad yet, I will do that in person after I get off of work.  I'm quite sure he will be very excited!  Your sister won't quite understand about you yet, but I know she will be excited too!
Your Mom

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