Monday, November 14, 2016

Dr. Appt

Little Baby,
Today we went to the doctor to check on you.  You seem to be doing great.  Originally I calculated you being 8 weeks and 5 days, but according to his calculation you are actually 7 weeks and 5 days.  Not quite sure how I could be a whole week off, a few days I could understand, but a whole week is definitely confusing.  We'll just roll with it.  Your heartbeat is 150 which is great!
He did come across something a bit concerning.  There is a blood clot on my uterus right next to where you are.  It does increase my chances of miscarriage, which has me crazy worried.  He said that your dad and I are to refrain from being intimate until the end of the first trimester, as well as no exercise, or heavy lifting and I am to take it easy and rest.  I'm doing the best I can, but it's sometimes hard to do with your sister.
Hopefully all will be ok.  We were going to tell everyone on Thanksgiving, but because of the news from the doctor, we are going to wait until after the first trimester...or at least until the doctor tells us we are in the clear.  We have an appointment set for the 8th of December, we should know more by then.
Please stay well in there baby and grow big and strong.
I love you,
Your momma

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