Thursday, January 5, 2017

15 weeks and Dr Appt

Baby Girl,
Yesterday you were the size of an orange and today we had our next checkup.  Everything looks great.  My blood pressure is perfect like always.  My weight has gone up far more than I would have liked, but that has a lot to do with doing very little during the first trimester.  I am rather bothered by it, but trying not to focus on it too much.  Not much happened during this appointment.  We were able to hear your heartbeat for a brief turned away from the doppler just like your sister did.  The doc just went over a few things that will happen during our next appointment during the sonogram, just things to know, nothing of major importance.  We went over my lack of water intake and he said he's not too worried about it and just to make sure I'm doing my best.  I'm trying, I really am.  So, now to start thinking about what I can do to get more exercise.  I'm sure the weight will balance out in the long run, but right now I've got to try to start doing my for my body and for you.
Your mom

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