Thursday, April 27, 2017

31 Weeks and Sono

Little girl,
Today we had our 31 week check up.  From here forward we will be going to every other week appointments, that means were getting close.  Although you are still breach, you are looking great.  Doc is going to hope that you turn on your own in the next 4 weeks, and we'll discuss other options further along if you don't.  If I recall correctly, you sister didn't want to be upside down till the very end either, so I'm sure you will turn when you are good and ready.  Speaking of your sister, she got to go to the sonogram with us this time.  She wasn't a big fan of waiting, but she did get to see you which was exciting for your dad and me.

We're not quite sure how she's going to react to you, we're just hoping she doesn't walk all over you and sit on you.  I'm sure she will love you just as much as she loves her babies, but if she doesn't initially, don't worry too day you two will be the best of friends.
So excited to get to meet you in 9 more seems like forever, but it's just around the corner.

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