Wednesday, May 3, 2017

32 Weeks

My baby,
Today we are 32 week along.  Supposedly you are now 3.75lbs (about the size of a large jicama) and 16.7 inches long (I'm not counting on that).  You are crazy active and can really knock the wind out of your momma.  I'm glad to know you are so strong though, you will do so well keeping up with your sister.  
I've only got one more week left of school, finals are next week.  I hope I didn't disappoint you by not giving school 100% this go around, but it got very hard toward the end with everything going on.  I will still manage A's an B's, but I know it could have been better.  The big thing is that you are healthy and that's all that really matters.
Health wise, I'm hanging in there.  I'm tired most days, but make it through just fine with not too much extra effort.  I've gained more weight than I would have liked, but there's just too much going on to exercise like I should.  The weight will come off, I just have to make sure you are healthy.  The heartburn still lingers too, I have gone through so many bottles of Tums at this point...I'm just lucky they are still working.  Other than that, I'm fairing much better this pregnancy than I did with my last one.
Your Auntie Megan and Uncle Josh are getting married tomorrow.  Your cousin Ethan is so excited that he can hardly stand it.  Your sister will be a flower girl in the wedding, but we aren't expecting much, at this point we are just hoping she'll keep her hair up.
Starting next weekend I will be able to start focusing on getting your room ready and preparing for our family to grow.  Plus it will be my first mother's day as a mommy of exciting!  I really just can't wait!
I love you!

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