Wednesday, June 14, 2017

38 Weeks

Little Girl,
It's now getting to be a struggle.  Everything hurts and I'm pretty tired all the time, although I do make it through most days without a nap.  I'm weighing in at the heaviest I have ever been (about 180lbs) and I'm having a hard time looking at myself in the mirror.  I know it will come off eventually, but it's still hard for me to accept.
Doc keeps hoping you will come this weekend while he's on call, but you are still sitting really high and I'm not any more dilated then the week before, so I don't see it happening.  I've seen the chiropractor weekly to help with the pain, but the only thing that gets me through the nights at this point is Tylenol PM.  I also haven't cut back on the caffeine as much as I should have, but it's the only thing that gets me through a day (and I only do one soda a day, so it should be ok).
Hope you come out soon, we're ready!
Love mommy!

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